I want people to remember me as an artist: Prabhakar Kumar

Prabhakar is a celebrity and artist photography expert based in Mumbai. He works with numerous renowned brands, mastering his photography abilities in portrait photography. As a photographer, he has experience in a variety of photography areas, such as portrait photography, advertising, jewellery, and commercial and e-commerce photography.

Leveraging his art in diverse areas of fashion, celebrity ad shoots, jewellery, and commercial & e-commerce photography, he has come a long way in the world of photography.

Prabhakar has collaborated with a variety of renowned celebrities such as Malaika Arora, Sussanne Khan, and Mallika Dua, among others. His projects have been shown in many editorials, magazines, and ad commercials.

He has worked with many prominent social media influencers for many promotional-based concepts, he also seeks high-profile jewellery brands such as Farah Ali khan Jewellery, and his work has been used by many other corporate giants such as Amazon and Myntra to name a few.

Prabhakar specialises in the art of photography based on conceptualisation & visualisation format. He works with models, actors, and corporates & brands most systematically to promote and feature them for commercial and corporate promotions. With his conceptualization skills, he observes the world around him in a form of conceptual art, where he visualises the imperfection world around him to be captured in the most effective ways with his skills of capturing images with the "visual form of his mind story".

" Prabhakar's concept of art itself defines by the methods of knowledge and experience he shares in the world of photography which can help you get the best of images & content to help you scale and bring light to your brand, your beauty, in your content some extra added spice which brings to life an extraordinary contribution of his visualisation into reality.

Prabhakar Speaks: Photography is an art. I describe it as 'the visual form of my thought story'.

The place he describes: The world around him is the most beautiful life, albeit a little imperfect, not in the picture. Because each photo has its world. A photograph or image clicked or taken, is never incomplete, as it reveals through the mind's vision the moments of life described there. Presented in the form of photographs that can be used to describe the moment. Photography is the best way to express life's moments most beautifully.”

To be remembered: "I want people to remember me as an artist. I use people to create art forms that are moments captured in a frame yet last forever. I believe in the world of photography, and I believe in helping you achieve your vision and create moments in life Please contact me so I can work with you to make a particularly beautiful moment captured through my lens the right one for your life.

If you are looking forward to working with him, it’s one of the best decisions & experiences you will have in creating the submerged world of photos he will be clicking for you.