Portrait of a girl in net dress
Portrait of a girl in net dress

The Perfect Portfolio

Our first portfolios are often a dream come true; the first big step toward goals, and we keep planning about it forever. On D-Day, however, we are often nervous and unsure. Shall I look my best; will the pictures come out as planned? Several such questions fog up our minds, and the butterflies in our stomachs keep fluttering harder!!!

Here are some tips for the day: to ensure your portfolio glows as much as your dreams!

Read on.

  1. Grooming: It is your portfolio, and you sure want to look the best for it. So groom yourself well. Sleep well, exercise, keep yourself hydrated, and ensure you are in your best form for the day.

  2. Outfits: Remember to dress perfectly. Choose clothes that make you feel confident about yourself. Unless there is a theme for the shoot, remember to wear clothes that help you look your best. Iron your clothes, and ensure the ensemble doesn't make you look shabby.

  3. Makeup: We often tend to overdo this. However, remember that your makeup is your aid; you are the subject. Let your makeup compliment you, not hide you. Highlight your features.

  4. Pose: Think of the photographs, research fashion magazines, and practice at home. While posing, keep it natural and maintain a good posture. Don't be awkward.

  5. Trust and communicate: While this is your first shoot, your photographer has been there and done that. So trust them. Try to understand what they are looking for and communicate. When you are uncomfortable, awkward, or nervous, communication is the key. Those around you can help you get over all those fears and shine.

  6. Be yourself: The final tip would be to be confident. Your confidence is your best attire, and your smile is your best makeup. So remember to carry both with you. Being nervous is okay, but you can't let that take over. So be confident.

    Now that you are ready, ace that shoots like a pro. All The Best!

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